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    Only 1st child of SerialElement being played




      I try to form a SeriaElement (OSMF 1.5, Flex 4.1, Flash player 10.1), but after preload, only the first element being played.

      After the first element finished palying error being thrown:

      [Fault] exception, information=Error: The specified capability is not currently supported

      and my trace (....hasTrait) reports:


      MediaElement has AUDIO trait--false
      MediaElement has SEEK trait--false
      MediaElement has PLAY trait--false


      It is quite strange, since DurationElement should have Seek and Play traits.

      If I place second child DurationElement on top of the list it is played correctly.


      Maybe it has siomething with SerialElement playing specifics?


      Below is my SerialElement:


              public function createMediaElement():MediaElement
                  var serialElement:SerialElement = new SerialElement();
                  // This child is a progressive video.
                  serialElement.addChild(new VideoElement( new URLResource(REMOTE_PROGRESSIVE) ) );


                  // This child is for Image.
                  serialElement.addChild(new DurationElement( 3, new ImageElement( new URLResource(REMOTE_IMAGE))));
                  // This child is for SWF.
                  serialElement.addChild(new DurationElement( 3, new SWFElement( new URLResource(REMOTE_SWF))));
                  return serialElement;


      Thank you in advance,