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    some tracks are "offline" and can't be accessed?


      My band and I were recording tracks. On one song we were putting guitar in a very specific spot. We saved it, and when we went back to it we realized that the track could not be located. An error popped up before the session opened saying that one of the tracks couldnt be found, and we could either locate it or continue. When we clicked "link media" to locate the file, the track cannot be found.


      I think it is the matter of being able to enable the offline files. The weird thing is that this only happened to a few of the tracks we've recorded. Some of the other tracks saved without problems and are easily accessible. Below is an image of the problem. you can see that one of the tracks is made gray, and at the bottom left of the block you see the question mark and "offline" next to it. Nothing happens when I click the question mark.