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    Any way to make text larger in Photoshop CS 5 Extended?


      I recently upgraded from CS3 and the tool labeling text is too small to be able to see on the toolbars. The icons seem smaller too. I need to use a magnifying glass now and didn't need to do that with CS3. I did look through Photoshop's prefs (the main ones, accessible by pulling from the menu under Photoshop's name), but couldn't find an option for altering the display. (I have "huge size" font selected for the font selection in the display for font choices--that's not the problem.) It appears from here that the programming for Photoshop's basics has just miniaturized everything. I haven't made any alterations to my computer or screen that could account for the problem, so I'm supposing that everyone has that? I had assumed it must be a problem with running Photoshop CS5 on Leopard, but the upgrade to Snow Leopard didn't help.


      I'm aware that the operating system has a system pref for zooming. I've tried that once in awhile for something other; I think that using the system's zooming while trying to operate in Photoshop will be more inconvenient than using a magnifying glass.


      My eyesight is imperfect, but it wasn't perfect on CS3 either. I'm running Photoshop on the same computer & monitor as when previously running CS3: 24" iMac 2.8 GHz with 4 GB RAM.



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          Wade_Zimmerman Community Member

          I do not have perfect vision either but it looks he same to me!


          I am wrong and you are correct it is considerably smaller I do not know why they would do such a thing. Or if it can be changed i am fine with it, my eyesight is actually getting much bette as I get older but still i think it is a big mistake to do this.

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            marygrimsley Community Member

            Thanks for your reply, Wade!


            I just noticed that a large part of why it's so much harder to see or read the application's toois that the labeling fonts aren't bold that ought to be bold. Does anyone know how to hack into the application to make the fonts used in all the tools appear as boldface, as they are supposed to be? (I've looked at screenshot pictures in some resources, and other people running CS5 do have the bold labeling fonts, the same as was in effect in CS 3. This illegible text problem might well be affecting just the two of us, Wade. Another oddity about this situation....


            I know I do have various computer problems sometimes in connection with a computer hacking here and that's probably my problem with Photoshop now, but that makes it hard to imagine what your computer's problem might be, to come up with the very same oddity as mine here. Well, thanks for your input, Wade, and I hope you're having fun with Photoshop.


            Best wishes,


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              c.pfaffenbichler Community Member

              You could start another thread on the issue of customizable interface font sizes in the Feature Request Forum or look for existing ones to add your support to.


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                sperry1975 Community Member

                To change the font size for Photoshop's user interface, simply go up to the Photoshop menu at the top of the screen (Edit menu in Windows), choose Preferences, and then choose General. You'll see an option near the top of the Preferences dialog box called UI Font Size. Simply select a different size from the menu.


                You'll need to close out of Photoshop and restart it for the change to take effect.


                See if that doesn't help.  If you can't find this option then make sure you have the latest updates.

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Community Member

                  sperry 1975 is absolutely correct, thank you sperry 1975.


                  Screen shot 2011-01-04 at 10.46.32 AM.png


                  Thank you sperry 1975.

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                    marygrimsley Community Member

                    Another thread on new enhancements might be a good thing for the Photoshop community, but right now, I just want to use Photoshop without having to use a magnifying glass. I could do that if my installation of Photoshop were right (defining "right" as being similar to what I can see others running Macs have with CS5). The labels that ought to appear in a bold typeface aren't bold on my Mac; it's almost as if I were running Photoshop on a UNIX or Windows machine (at least, the way I'd imagine Photoshop might look in a different environment).


                    I don't expect to be buying Adobe CS6 at any point, so even if Adobe were to add that nice little wrinkle to its programming it wouldn't help me. But I doubt that I personally would need it... if only my installation were right. I did install the latest update and it had no effect. Photoshop displayed this tiny unreadable type interface for me from the first time I opened it and ever after that time, no matter what I've done.


                    I'm used to going through all the prefs just after installing a new application, and that's what I did with Photoshop, setting Preferences-->Interface, Pulldown under UI font sizes to "Large" (though Large might have been the default).


                    I thought it might be interesting to fool with this Interface UI pulldown preference a bit. I opened, altered that preference, and quit the app three different times to look at font size each time upon reopening the app. My Photoshop won't show a bold labeling typeface at any of the three settings (small, medium, or large). The Small setting will make the font size a bit smaller than the medium, but the Large setting won't make the medium size even the tiniest bit larger.


                    So between the lack of a proper bold font display and the unresponsiveness to a Large typeface preference, it looks as if my Photoshop CS5 has been hacked to make the application unusable for someone like me who can't see tiny type. Nice.


                    I opened Photoshop using BBedit, trying to find the place in the programming that controls the font being used and its size. I couldn't find the place, but if I could have found the spot in the programming that controls this functionality, I'd just have input some different, bolder font for the tool labels.


                    Unless someone thinks of something else I might try, the solution I'll use will be to change the display screen in the system preferences from 1920 x 1200 pixels to 1344 x 840. I don't think that's going to be very practical, but perhaps is a bit more practical than using a magnifying glass. I've already updated Photoshop, dumped all Photoshop's preferences and redone them all. No luck there. 


                    I guess I might have been better off not spending the money on the upgrade, though one glance at the masking improvements in CS5 over CS3 lets me know that Photoshop CS5 is a dream of an application. I just really wish I had the application I paid for.


                    Thanks to everyone who posted trying to help.


                    Best wishes,


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                      Community Member

                      I am willing to do you a favor. I will ship my 2000 iMac G3 with a 1024x768 display to you if you will ship me your iMac. 


                      Switching to a non-native resolution for your display (1920x1200 -> 1344x840) will not help when trying to do pixel accurate editing.

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                        marygrimsley Community Member

                        Hi Marion,


                        No deal! Surprise, surprise...  >)


                        I'll be altering the screen display of pixels only for use with Photoshop. I wouldn't dream of altering it and leaving it that way for most computer activities. You know, there's a reason I paid for a 24" screen.


                        Are you trying to use Photoshop on that old iMac screen, or just looking to unload it? (The latter, I'd hope!) In those days I was using a 19" screen running with my old 15" monitor sitting beside it. Photoshop (and everything else) works so much more pleasantly with some real estate space in which to work.


                        Yes, I think my editing and the results will suffer some, so once I get to the final stages when I'd not expect to need to see labels any longer, I might give a picture a quick once over look after changing the screen display back to 1920 x 1200.


                        Thanks for thinking about this, Marion.


                        Best wishes,


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                          Community Member

                          Nope. The iMac is a museum piece in my closet. I waited too long to sell it (similar iMacs on eBay are now ~$20). And I'd probably need to fill out 50 pages of forms to dispose in a dump. I'll save it for someone else in your same position.


                          Something still seems odd about this. Can you post screen shots to compare CS3 and CS5?

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                            marygrimsley Community Member

                            Hi Marion,


                            I could't easily do that for both CS versions. I don't have CS 3 installed any longer, though eventually I might install it on a second partition... the one I've been looking for the time to install a second system on for a couple of months. I lost a lot of time within the past several months in upgrading to Snow Leopard when the computer kept freezing and I had to wipe the drive and start anew with everything a couple of times.


                            Anyway, at the time I first installed CS5, I did have CS3 installed and had been using it regularly. The difference then in the new hard-to-see interface on my CS5 was unmistakeable, noticeable in a single glance. They were each on different partitions on Leopard at the time. I've since then upgraded to Snow Leopard, but that didn't help CS5 any. Currently I have Snow Leopard installed straight out of the box because using the downloadable system upgrades to Snow Leopard wrecked havoc on this machine.


                            I'll see about uploading a screenshot of a picture displayed in CS5; I just took one.


                            Best wishes,



                            Screen shot 2011-01-04 at 5.11.45 PM.png

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                              Community Member

                              I'm not really seeing a difference between CS3 and CS5. A CS3 screen has been pasted on your CS5 screen. CS3 had a bit of padding to the toolbar but the icons look alike in size.



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                                marygrimsley Community Member

                                Hi Marion,


                                Thanks so much for taking the time to do this screenshot!


                                Maybe my toolbar took up a larger portion of the screen in CS3 than yours does? Or perhaps because I had it in the double-string mode that extra width gave me a feeling of bigger icons when they weren't...


                                Oh, dear. I just switched mine to the double row and now the icons do look bigger to me. For some reason (maybe more white surrounding them?) I can see the icons better in that configuration. I ran CS3 with the double configuration and thought it made theoretical sense to go with the single column default, so this is the first time I've looked at it that way. I've switched it to the double row now and plan to keep it that way.


                                I have to say that I've been glancing through some Photoshop books that I used to be able to see without a magnifying glass and I'm having some trouble now. So that might be entering into this. The last time I used CS3 would have been in September.


                                In my screenshot there's a photo with the layers window showing up. Do you have a layered photo you could do the same pasting thing with but using your CS5 as well as your CS3? I wonder whether yours will look just like mine again.


                                I've continued looking at resources and there's really only one in which I see--or think I see--a bold face type used: a screenshot I took of a Photoshop User podcast showing Scott Kelby's computer screen with a Layers panel open. At the time I was viewing the podcast, there was no doubt in my mind that his screen showed a boldface LAYERS title. It still looks like boldface to me, but the screenshot when blown up sufficiently to examine is really too fuzzy to tell anything for sure. (I'm comparing the word LAYERS on Scott's screen in Episode 239 to the word Normal just below it.)


                                The one for-sure difference is that the title for the Layers pallet has been altered from CS3 to make it appear in all caps. I'd never have guessed that all caps is harder to read, but it is definitely harder for me to see to read than the word with the single beginning cap in upper case. You'd think that Adobe would be one company that had put some time into discovering what made type easier to read vs. harder. They must not have tested this label switch idea on anyone with cataracts? (But even if I close the problem eye, the word "Normal" is still easier to read than "LAYERS", at least in the font Adobe has chosen to use for its labels.)


                                Thanks again for your help!


                                Best wishes,


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                                  marygrimsley Community Member

                                  Marion, I just noticed one more thing on your screenshot pasted on top of mine: that your display of the application menu at the top of the screen occupies less horizontal space than mine does, meaning, I suppose, that your screen is displaying more pixels per inch than mine does. That difference in pixel display would also affect the height and width of the toolbar. The display differences aren't huge, but they would be enough to make a visual difference. That is, I think it's a bit like comparing apples to oranges, and I'm back to thinking that mine is smaller than normal.


                                  Do you think you might be able to temporarily set your screen display to 1920 x 1200 pixels and take that screenshot again? I know that's a lot of trouble, but if you're still curious, we could both learn something here.


                                  Best wishes,


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                                    marygrimsley Community Member

                                    Marion, I've been posting too rapidly, I'm afraid... before fully digesting the information you provided. To expect that you can take a screen shot using precisely the resolution of my screen is probably unrealistic. And, as I think about it, unnecessary.


                                    What is your screen's resolution, by the way? Whatever it is, it's bound to have more pixels per inch than mine does, or the Application menu bar would have been an identical size to mine, and it isn't. Given that as a for-sure fact, then your tools bar would naturally show up smaller than if you were displaying it on a 1920 x 1200 pixel screen resolution. Another way of saying this is that your CS3 toolbar ought to look smaller than mine does because of the differences in our screen resolution... but since yours does not look smaller in your screenshot, then, mine is different than what is normal and what you'd have running your CS3 on a computer screen just like mine.


                                    That is, I think your screenshot has already proved that my CS5 isn't comparable in size to what I had with CS3. No need to take another screenshot, even if that were easy to do.


                                    Thanks so much for your help!


                                    Unfortunately, that doesn't fix the problem of needing to be able to see the display I paid to have when purchasing Adobe CS5. But I suspect that no one online who isn't an Adobe programmer is going to be able to fix that problem for me.


                                    Thanks again to all who posted!


                                    Best wishes,


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                                      marygrimsley Community Member

                                      I just said, "Marion, I've been posting too rapidly, I'm afraid... before fully digesting the information you provided."


                                      Multiply that times two.


                                      I just realized that if I clicked on an embedded image I could get a larger picture. So I looked some more... and while looking I noticed that your CS3 toolbar isn't really the same size as my CS5, if you account for the space that the missing blue "PS" label takes up at the top of your CS3. Yours is a little smaller, about to the degree that might be expected from the difference between the Application menu horizontal differences. So I think that they're probably the same size.


                                      One other thing I noticed is that Adobe has changed many of the icons in that toolbar. I don't know why they felt the need to make the changes; in most cases the new icons are more difficult to see than the old ones, and some are much more difficult to see. There's a lineup of a bunch of tiny dark blobs for many of the icons, at least to my eyes without a magnifying glass.


                                      What do you see by way of differences/similarities on the Layers palette if you open a file with layers and compare it with my screenshot?


                                      Best wishes,