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    Execution of Java Native Process slow in Mac OS X

    Ronald Kamp



      I'm having some performance issues when executing an java native process on Mac OS X. I am developping an application in AIR that searches for people in the ldap of our organisation. It has to be usable both on Mac as on Windows. When I execute my app on windows, the search process takes about 2-3 seconds. However, when I try to execute it on mac, the search process takes about 6-8 seconds. This is a bit to long to make it usable.


      Has anybody encountered this problem as well and does anyone know what the problem can be?


      Thanks in advance


      Ronald Kamp

      Junior Flex/Java/LiveCycle Consultant at iDA MediaFoundry

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Hi Ronald,

          Have you tried benchmarking your java process without the inclusion of AIR?  If so, did you find a difference which points to AIR being a culprit for the performance hit?


          I'd be very interested in trying this out.  If you could provide me with a sample project that illustrates the slow down on Mac, I'll take a look right away.  Please feel free to contact me via private message on the forum or at ccampbel@adobe.com if you'd like to take this offline.