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    Turn off non-printing attribute

    Jack Level 1

      In my planned project, each image will have a caption with species name in its unique style, and source citation also in a unique style, located within an inline, non-printing, anchored text frame.


      Would like to define a Table of Sources (TOS), as subclass of Table of Contents (TOC). Each entry in TOS will have, in order, a page number, a species name, and a reference citation.


      TOS will be quite lengthy.


      If I see this process correctly, a script called SetNonPrintingFalse() will be needed, whose function is to turn off non-printing attributes of all inline text frames found in the TOS.


      Ideally, a script could first call the TOC update function and then execute SetNonPrintingFalse().


      Would appreciate some JS code or a pointer to a sample that does most of the above.