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    [as2] Physics



      I´d like to know how would I make a formula for the calculation of speed.

      It´s not as simple as distance divided by time.

      I want something different.

      Here it is:


      I have an helicopter.

      This helicopter is landed.

      He will take off with a small speed, but increasing speed.

      What I want is.

      This helicopter movement. In other words, increasing vertical speed, in a given time, say, 2.4 seconds, in a give distance, say, 100 pixels.

      After that he keeps vertical speed constantly.


      So I think the helicopter will start with its vertical speed slow, increasing, then, decreasing untill it reachs its constant vertical speed.


      How would be the formula for that?



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          define an acceleration for your helicopter.  time starts a zero and increments with each loop up to some time tmax when max speed is achieved.


          you can use different vertical and horizontal accelerations because the vertical acceleration will be adjusted by gravity (assuming you have gravity).

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