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    16:9 <> 4:3 Problem...




      I recorded a LIVE concert with an AVer TV6 (TV Caputre USB Stick) in MPEG compression. The concert was in 4:3. Unfortunately, the AVer captured the program 16:9 in page sizes 720 to 576. I have no idea what that is! Almost-Gone-DV? And then the 16:9 ratio thing. All f... up!


      I've now tried two things to save my TV Recording. First DV sequence with 4:3 will shurely cut the material. And so, this solution has already failed. Second in a 16:9 sequence everything is distorted, of course. Thought now, when I change the output size in a 4:3 format, that would be the solution. The option next to "setting for pruning" is grayed out, therefore not selectable. Why? I need it. Or not? Its funny when I use the "aspect ratio correction"  all show up correctly,but still after exporting, every player shows the video in 16:9 and thus the distortion. I think that has to do with the pixel size? I dont now...


      In Ae scaling down? Ugly and somewhat inelegant. Are there any other solutions there?


      Thank you for your time and thoughts.


      ps: Sorry for my english