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    Exporting to Tape...


      Hello Guys,


      I have tried exporting an edited video to tape on my Sony Z5 camera from Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and cannot see anything on the tape on playback except a Blue screen showing on the camcorder view finder. (This is with the "Aspect Ratio Conversion" set to "Hardware if supported on the Play settings).


      However on re-setting the "Aspect Ratio Conversion" to "None", it then shows only still images of the clips of on the camcorder view finder as I move CTI across the timeline but does not export anything.


      That is even though on both occasions, "Export to Tape" pop up window showed it was recorded.


      Kindly let me know what could be wrong





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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          If you have hardware MPE enabled, be sure to change it to Software mode. Hardware MPE and DV out don't mix, unfortunately.

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            fobasogie Level 1

            Thanks Colin,


            It has worked now. That was going to give me a little headache otherwise...I'm sure you probably sensed I'm a newbie to PR CS5.


            Anyway, just to find out when one can actually use the option, "Renderer: Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration"?


            Also, to check, if the hardware MPE and DV don't go, do the hardware MPE go with HDV? Never mind if the question seems rediculuous...bare with lme.