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    PDF from Bank won't open in Reader X


      Only since yesterday am I unable to open a PDF bank statement (while on the bank's website). I am using Firefox but have also tried Internet Explorer and am getting a black screen in both. After several repair attempts followed by reinstallation attempts, all resulting in error messages, I am at my wit's end.


      Several months ago I signed up for a trial of the full Adobe Acrobat program but did not proceed with purchase as I do not have much need for this program. While I deleted the trial version I have had nuisance issues with Adobe Reader X ever since, however nothing like described above.

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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try to deactivate the "Protected Mode" under "General" in the Adobe Readers properties dialog (ctrl +k).

          Otherwise try to download the pdf files first before you open them.

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            Rothland1 Level 1

            I have tried that and almost any other option I read about. The worst was trying to delete and reinstall the program (just would not work) and to realize that there seems to be an incompatibility  between AR X, FireFox, Internet Explorer and Windows Vista. In desperation I opened Google Chrome, downloaded the program without any snags and was finally able to open and print the documents I needed. A whole day wasted: wished I had thought of Google Chrome sooner!