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    Syncmanager Error

    John Hall Level 4

      Using Coldfusion ORM with offline update and I get the following message


      The object of type Array does not have the Entity metadeta tag

      at coldfusion.air::EntityCache/addMetadata()[D:\p4\depot\ColdFusion\cf_main\tools\AIRIntegra tion\OfflineSupport\src\coldfusion\air\EntityCache.as:274]


      Well, the documentation comes to the rescue when it says:


      For AIR integration offline support, if you do not globally declare the variables for client side ActionScript classes but attempt to save the data records fetched from server using session.saveCache() or session.saveUpdateCache(), you might encounter AIR side error stackstrace with a message similar to the following:

      "Error: The object of type Object does not have the Entity metadata tag at coldfusion.air::EntityCache/addMetadata()[D:\p4\depot\ColdFusion\cf_main\tools\AIRIntegration\OfflineSupport\src\coldfusion\air\EntityCache.as:228]"


      However, using ActionScript 3, I tried making the variables in a static variables container class and tried a Singleton, resulting in the same error message. The script that throws this error is pretty straightforward similar to many examples:


      var savetoken : SessionToken;

      savetoken  = session.saveUpdateCache( leagueCollection ); // where leagueCollection is an AC made from a good Array coming in as a get result.

      savetoken.addResponder( new mx.rpc.Responder( saveCacheSuccess, savefault ));


      any ideas?