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    Change to Array not preserved.

    Chris McLaughlin Level 1



      I'm working on a fairly complex program in which I am manipulating arrays in several ways including, changing the position of elements in the array, adding items to the array and deleteing items from the array.


      I am tracing the array after each manipulation to see if the correct values are reported and noticed a weird problem.


      When adding to the array (which is triggered by a drag and drop) I get the correct initial value and the correct value after the value is added, in other words I see the new value in the array in the correct position.  For example "C042.jpg" is the value added and that is what is traced.


      after rebuild and showArray = C001.jpg,C042.jpg,C002.jpg, . . .


      However, when I trace the array from another function, the added element no longer appears.  So for example if I check the array prior to deleting, I get the following:


      prior to delete and show array = C001.jpg,C002.jpg,C003.jpg, . . .


      The array has reverted to it's initial state.


      I'd appreciate any Ideas you may have.


      Best regards,




      Chris McLaughlin