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    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650


      I have a Dell t3400 workstation with a core 2 duo E6550 2.3 proc.  4 GB RAM.  Running Windows 7.  5400RPM Sata drives, no RAID.


      As you can imagine, I am running into some issues with CS5.  Up to now, it hasnt been a big problem, I have only been making 5-10 minute video clips.  The only problem I really run into is when previewing, and I transition from one clip to another using cross fade or some other transition, the audio keeps going the video freeezes.  My CPU is also up in the 98-100% used range.  To get around it, I just get as close I can with the preview and then just export the video out and watch it.  I make notes and go back in and fix what I need to.  Its a pain in the ***, but it has worked up until now


      Most of my videos are single layer, occasionaly dual layer.  I am making a 30-40 minute video so exporting to check how everything is looking is not going to work.  The export of a 5 minute clip takes about 20 minutes so with that math, I am looking at several hours just to check my progress.


      The next caveat I have to work with is a limited budget.  I am somewhat stuck here.  I have been doing some research and I have found some systems from http://www.adkvideoediting.com/ that are about $1500.  Thats over my budget.  I have about $500 to work with.


      This leads me to my question.  My machine will support the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650.  I will need to upgrade my power supply from the 300w to 525w.  So the processor at $325, $150 for the power supply and misc heat sinks/cables I might need I am at my budget.  Next month I can afford to bump the RAM to 8GB which is max for the system.


      Do the experts here feel that it would improve my experience?   I would hate to spend 500 bucks and another 200 bucks next month only to be marginally better. Then I am out half the cost of a new machine and still need a new machine.


      Unfortunatly I dont have the time to save up enough for a new machine before my project deadline, so if its not worth it, I am going to start looking to borrow some time from another persons machine.


      Thanks for your time.