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    Using video transitions from P.E 8 in P.E 9


      Hi all,


      Premiere elements 8 was great, right? Premiere elements 9 I am still testing.  I want to use some video transitions from 8 in V9 but they just aren't there, such as "sphere".  I thought I'd try and be clever by extracting all the zip files from P.E8 content package and merging the folders with the presets in the program files of P.E9. Nothing seems to have happened and I still don't have the perfect transition that I require. Any ideas anyone?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Not sure if Sphere is one, but some of the Effects and Transitions are from New Blue FX, and each version might have some different ones, as what they provide can change over time.


          If the ones that you want ARE New Blue FX, then you might want to look at their site, to see what they offer - usually in packages. While they would be for sale, they should install just fine in PrE 9, as it's still a 32-bit program, like PrE 8.


          There are also many Transitions and Effects from 3rd party suppliers, like Adorage from ProDAD.


          Might be worth exploring.


          As for using PrE 8 Transitions and Effects in PrE 9, I do not have any tips for you, but others certainly might.


          Good luck,