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    Flash content causing background re-draw in IE & FF3+


      Whenever I include flash content on a page it causes IE & FF3+ to redraw the background.  This does not happen in Google Chrome, Safari, or FF2.


      On every page of my site there is a small flash animation that is in a hidden div.  That flash content become visible and plays on a mouse-over event.  That all works fine.  However, in the above mentioned browsers, that flash content causes the site's background to be redrawn on every page-load, causing a flicker.  Is there any way to prevent this?  A google search revealed other people having the same issue, but no resolution.


      You can view the problem here:



      (Run your mouse over the animation in the lower-right corner to trigger the flash animation)


      Removing the flash content fixes the issue, but I of course would like to keep it.  Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks for your time,