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    Premiere Pro CS5 Crashing When Cutting Unlinked Audio


      Premiere crashes often when I attempt to cut an unlinked audio track.  Message appears "A serious error has occurred and Premiere must close".  Timeline has only 1 video and 2 mono audio tracks from 30p miniDV source material. 


      Running version 5.0.3 

      Windows 7 64-bit w/ current updates

      New machine - just assembled by my company's IT guy with video editing in mind (SD from miniDV for web streaming).

      Specs:    ACPI x64 - based PC

                     Intel i7 processor

                     6 gb memory

                     Dual Nvidia GEForce GTS 450 video cards - driver updated v.

      Disk Drives:   OS and Premiere:  ST31500341AS ATA 112 gb of 195 gb free

                          Media/capture/output: WDC WD10 02FAEX-00Z3A0 SCSI 102 gb free of 736gb


      Project/Sequence Settings: DV  NTSC 30p, 29.97 no field order(progressive), 720X480 (.9091 pixel aspect ratio)

                                               Project contains 16 sequences, each approx. 30 mins of 30p DV with 1 video and 2 mono audio tracks - live conference presentations - default track setting 'mono' to seperate ch1 and ch2 audio.


      After unlinking audio and video,  Premiere crashes frequently when I attempt to cut an audio track.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.