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    adding and removing listeners help please...

    miguel8312 Level 3

      hi guys i have a pop up box that adds a listener depedent on a variable.

      like such


           if(upload_typ != 'O' && upload_typ != 'E')
          {RPanel.DSUB.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, DatabaseSend)};
         if(upload_typ == 'O')
          {RPanel.DSUB.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, DataSendOntme)};
          if (upload_typ == 'E')
          {RPanel.DSUB.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, EncumSendVal)}

      how do i remove the listeners? i continue to see examples of removing listeners but yet i dont see what the remove listener functions should do.

        any help would be greatly appreciated.