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    Illustrator CS5 closes right after it opens


      After many, many months of being a reliable companion, one of our Illustrator CS5 installations has suddenly started closing itself immediately after opening. We've deleted preferences, uninstalled and reinstalled the software, deleted all but the system fonts, created a new user -- all to no avail.


      At this point, we know the following:



      • It's not a font issue (all but system fonts have been deleted).
      • It's not a preferences issue (software was uninstalled and all remaining folders were deleted).
      • It's not a plug-ins issue (software makes it to the workspace before closing).
      • The splash screen says "Tryout Version," even though it's the regular software.
      • We have a similar problem with InDesign CS5, but the rest of the suite works perfectly.



      The weirdness is happening on a Dell XPS 420 quad core, running Windows 7 64-bit. Everything else on the box is stable and reliable, and has been so for some time. The video card is an older nVidia, with the latest version of driver software.


      Since this PC is our heavy production box, we're crippled without the software. We've run through just about everything in the knowledgebase and forums, so any fresh insights into what's going on are extremely welcome.