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    Will you take a lok here for me please Harm




      Hi Harm - and anyone else.


      I've started a thread here


      Hardware config and componenets : raid, gpu and monitor choices


      about a build to suite cs4, 3d max and possible vid editing... I have some questins about raid 0, choice of gpu and choice of monitor.  I'd love some responses tonight and wasn't sure where to post it.  I'll be out for the next hour or so - any feed back would be much appreciated.


      I actually tried to pm Harm but couldn't work out how to do it



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Usually PM's do arrive without problems, but in this case it did not arrive.


          Anyway. I responded to your original question as that may help more people interested in PS, since all of the hardware posts are very much oriented to video editing and that requires much more horsepower than PS or 3DsMax.


          If you press the Overview tab at the top of the Hardware forum, there appears a drop dowm box with articles that may be of interest to you, for instance about raids.