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    Crashing on Mac When Trying to Import?


      I just installed the CS5 master collection on my Macbook today, and I have been having a weird problem with After Effects.  Whenever I go to import a video (File -> Import), the program will either freeze or crash.  The weird thing is, it's about half and half.  Half the time the program will crash and give this message: http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z60/Lukargo/Picture2.png and the other half the program will just freeze and I need to force quit to get out of it.


      I tried updating and re-installing the application, but it was to no avail.  Any idea what could be going on here?


      Thanks a bunch, guys.


      EDIT:  It seems I can narrow the problem down at least a little further.  The error only happens if I click Music, Pictures, or Movies in the left pane when looking for a file to import.  If I have a file on the desktop, for example, it will allow me to get there and import it.  I was only able to figure this out because Import Multiple Files defaults to a folder that is, thankfully, not in the music, pictures, or movies view.

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          Sounds like possibly a permissions issue. Have you tried repairing permissions?

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            There's a known bug in the Finder that causes crashes in some applications when the Finder is in certain view modes. This might be related.


            I don't recall whether we made progress on working around that bug in the 10.0.1 update or not, but you should install the update anyway.


            If you don't mind, please submit a bug report and include a screenshot that shows the Finder. If you want to submit a bug report with an attachment, you can send it to aebugs -a-t adobe -d-o-t com. Bug reports without attachments can go through here.

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              LukeStevens Level 1

              I tried fixing the permissions, but it doesn't look like that fixes the issue either.  I also downloaded every available update for CS5, and still no dice.


              I did some more testing, and it looks like the error actually only happens when I view Movies, or open an iPhoto event in the media browser that only has video files.  I also found out that this freezing issue with Movies happens not only in After Effects, but in the entire master collection. 


              Any other ideas on a possible fix?


              Also, I'll send a bug report with some screenshots right after this is posted.