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    Simple matte advice needed

    Buddycat Level 1

      I have a pretty simple scenario, I think, but reading the manual the forums havne' seemed to clarify things, so I'm hoping for some help. 


      My project is of two people holding an object between them, using one outstreched hand each.  I would like to fade the clip to a circle matte that highlights only the object, leaving the rest of the screen black.  If I'm reading right, I need to have a still image with a black background, and the circle is white(?). 




      Does the circle need to be in a particular position in relation to the object in the clip?  Do I need a third picture that is only black?

      What matte effect do I use to combine the two?  A Garbage matte?


      Hopefully, I've made myself clear.



      CC10 Dragons workbench pic jpeg.JPG


      For some reason, I can't upload the other picture, but imagine everything blacked out except for what they're holding in their hands.