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    Does Mercury Engine only work with NVidia Quadro Cards?

    binar0101 Level 1

      Fellow Forum Members,

      The prices for the NVidia Quadro cards are INSANELY expensive. Last I checked the prices were as shown below:


      Quadro 6000 = $4,000

      Quadro 5000 = $1,800

      Quadro 4000 = $1,000



      My question to anyone out there is "Does the CS5 Mercury Engine for After Effects and Premiere Pro exclusively work onlly with the Nvidia Quadro series cards?"


      If the answer is to my question is NO,  then I would like this thread to be dedicated to sharing alternative solutions for graphic cards that won't bust one's wallet.


      My motherboard supports ATI Quad CrossFireX, 3-Way CrossFireX and CrossFireX as well as NVIDIA Quad SLI, 3-Way SLI and SLI technology.


      My way of thinking is if I could use two or three ATI cards bridged together to match 80% of the Quadro 6000 performance at a fraction of the cost I would be happy.  However, the bump in the road is whether the CS5 Mercury engine is compatible with ATI graphic cards bridged together?  Does the CS5 Mercury Engine care what type of graphic cards reside in the mother board in order to deliver 100% performance?   Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.