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    Trouble with building forms in Flash Catalyst and Builder


      I'm trying to build a webpage that has a form for a method of contact - I would like to get this working before I publish the site. I order to build the form, I was directed to this site: http://www.numencommunications.com/building-a-simple-form/

      While all the steps went smoothly, I chose "Export release build" at the end of the tutorial. I had followed all of the steps exactly as written on three separate occasions. Every time, a warning popped up saying this: 'The prefix 'mx' for element 'mx:HTTPService' is not bound.'
      What can I do to correct this as I would desperately like to have a form on my website and can't publish it to the web until this form is working?

      Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate any and all suggestions.