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    CS5 Dynamic Link: easier way to make it work?

    tunghoy Level 1

      I started with a Premiere Pro CS5 sequence consisting of 2 dozen sub-clips in AVI format (recorded in Camtasia 7). When I went into AE CS5 and linked to the PPro sequence, the sequence showed only the first frame in the comp window, though it played in the footage window. This was useless, so I deleted the comp and removed the link.


      Trying a second way, I went into PPro, nested the sequence into another sequence (because of all the sub-clips), right-clicked the new sequence and chose Replace with AE Composition. Instead of asking me to save an .aep, PPro threw random clips and sequences into the AE project window (some of them listed as being used 7 or 18 times, even though each clip is used exactly once). When I opened the comp I wanted, it contained layers for all the sub-clips. I was able to select them all and precompose them. In the comp that it created, I'm able to scrub it (with and without sound), but the comp window won't give me a preview. If I try to preview with sound, I can hear it, but the CTI doesn't move.


      The entire comp runs 10 minutes. I exported a 30-second test, and the resulting AVI (1280 x 720) played OK, but it was 1.2 gb!


      Could all this weirdness be from codec errors? I'm using the 64-bit Tech Smith Screen codec, which works fine in PPro. I'm outputting the final project as mp4, which will be smaller than AVI, but still.................


      Is there an easier way to get Dynamic Link to work, without jumping through flaming hoops?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What is the CODEC in those AVI's, TechSmith? AVI is but a wrapper, and this ARTICLE will give you tips on "peeking inside" the wrapper.


          This ARTICLE will give you more details on CODEC's.


          This ARTICLE will give you tips on editing Camtasia footage.


          Not sure how this might play into using ADL for your Sequence into an AE Comp, but you will at least have the full background.


          Good luck,



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            tunghoy Level 1

            Thanks, but that wasn't really my question. I'm familiar with codecs and very familiar with Camtasia Studio. Maybe I gave too much information; my question was why is it so difficult to get Dynamic Link to work properly with Premiere Pro as the server and After Effects as the client. And why do I have to do it backwards -- choosing the Replace option in PPro rather thank linking to the .prproj file in AE?