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    File exported as ePub from inDesign not opening in Stanza, known bug?




      I've just started to learn how to export documents to EPUB format using inDesign CS5 7.0.3 on Mac OSX. I've found that the exported books can be opened in Adobe Digital Editions, but not on Stanza.


      The error I am getting in Stanza is:


      Could not load book

      Could not find required entry in archive: OEBPS/\Q7%20laws.xthml\E Available entries are: [META-INF/container.xml ...


      After a lot of trial and error I came to find out that apparently, the error was generated by the original .indd file name: When the inDesign original filename is "7 laws.indd" Stanza will not open the file.

      However, if I remove the spaces from the filename (changing to "7laws.indd") it opens with no problem.


      If this case turns to be true for all user of the latest version of inDesign, I believe that the EPUB exporter should:

      a) Convert the spaces in the filename to dashes (or something akin)

      b) At least warn that the file name with spaces can cause trouble on some readers.


      I wonder if the inDesign dev team, is aware of this and/or if this issue also affects Windows users.


      If so, could it be fixed on an upcoming patch?


      - Alan Q