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    Can't save pdf from a web site - HELP!


      I can't seem to save pdf files from a brokerage account.  I have Reader 9, and one one PC, there is no "save icon" on the tool bar, and no "wording tool bar" -ie, no headong of:  File - Edit - View, etc.  On the other , there is no edit portion of the tool bar.


      On the one PC that displays the picture of the floppy disc - the "save icon"-  when I click on it, nothing happens.  I think i have a problem with the security settings, but can't figure it out.  the financial advisor company can save it just fine, so i think the problem is in my PCs.


      There is a security section that says the contents of the pdf can be copied, butdoesn't work  not in the file copy mode.  (These are not "fill out the form" pdfs, just regular files posted to a web site to allow viewing, downloading, printing, etc.  i could print, but want to save electronically instead.


      Any ideas?

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          I have also had this problem with some different web sites - you mention that possibly  it is a security issue so I added the web site I was having this problem with to my "Trusted Sites" list and re-tried saving the PDF and it worked!  Don't know if this will solve your problem, but it did work for me (still don't understand why some sites work and others require an entry in the "Trusted Sites" list.   I'm running Windows 7 (32 bit) and my Adobe version is 9.4.2 and I'm using Internet Explorer 8.  Hope this solution works for you.