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    Spring Flex Publisher-Subscriber Messaging not Working Properly with streamingAMF

    HasNam Level 1


      I am a newbie to Flex and I am using a publisher - subscriber mechanism with Spring Flex to pass a notification from server to flex clients(publisher in server side,consumer is in flex client).The channel we are using for this is a StreamingAMFChannel.This works fine for the first time when the user logs in(messages are properly published and subscribers listen properly).An issue we are having is once the user logs out from the application and logs in again,messaging does not work properly.(Loging out is implemnted as a simple function where the user is redirected to the logging page again,nothing else is done)If we use an AMFChannel instead this works fine.We are using a custom FlexClientOutboundQueueProcessor and what I observed when debugging is in a ' logged out and logged in again' scenario ,after the messageBroker routes the  message(messageBroker.routeMessageToService() is done),the piece of code in QueueProcessor does not get executed.

      Can anybody explain me why this is happening?