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    How should I fix this one Flash mp3 player problem?

    HealthcareHelper Level 1

      First of all, I'm just learning Flash, so bear with me. To deliver music content on a little website, I'm using the original Fabricio Zuard XSPF_player from Sourceforge.net. The version of the player that plays more than one song is supposed to also display the relevant album cover on the left. This works fine with FireFox 3.6, IE 8, and Opera 11 (all on Windows XP Pro sp3).


      But on Google Chrome, the song links go all the way to the left including the space where the cover image should be. Can someone more experienced help me diagnose this? One person has suggested a Javascript problem, but the only Javascript I'm using is SWFObject, which appears to have a good reputation, and doesn't have anything to do with the player's internal appearance.