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    Action Profile: Prepare Data Process help

    Abhinav Sharma Level 2



      I was working with Prepare Data Process (in Action Profile) to get the Workspace Username. I have successfully done it.


      I have many steps in my process in which task is being assigned to many users during its life. (Image below)




      I have to mantain the users history in the form which goes through the process. Like below:


      User 1 (Initiator):


      User 2:


      User 3:



      I am doing this by using Set Value operation after every user submit the task (by Assigning the Current User Value to the respective text fields). But it is not working. May be because I am running the same Prepare Data Process for each user. So it is blanking out the History (Might be XML data for form is refreshing each time and old XML Value are erased) and only populating the current User details leaving the others blank.


      I also used Temporary XML variable but still not working.


      Please tell me how to get it done !!!