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    Ideal Export Settings


      hi, this is my first time to post here, hope someone will be able to help me with my problem:)


      What is the ideal export settings for after effects? I've have my composition set to width 1920px by 1080px with lock aspect retion and pixel aspect ration to D1/DV NTSC widescreen(1.21). Which one should I use? avi - dvpro? cinepak? i've tried a couple and its turning out pixelated when trying to play in media player. The presentation will be used for my wedding so it will be projected via a big screen.


      any suggestions or inputs will greatly be appreciated. thanks:)

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          Kudos on your wedding.


          1920x1080 is a frame size that usually will require a square pixel aspect ratio (1.0).

          Your export settings will be determined by your playback device. What will be hooking up to the projector to play the movie back?


          It really seems that you don't yet have a good grasp of the basics. Please take a look at this page (Getting Started Tips) to see a great list of tips on how to get yourself familiar with After Effects. At the bottom of the list linked to above, you'll find a link to the FAQ section of this forum. Within the FAQ section, you'll actually be able to find a topic that deals specifically with what you're asking.

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            bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

            > The presentation will be used for my wedding so it will be projected via a big screen.<


            You will probably be using a DVD player, right? Then there's no need to use antyhing larger than or more complicated than what MPEG2 can deliver. You should be building your effects in standard DV and building your program in Premiere or some other editing system. You do not want to try to edit in After Effects. 



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              lrandolph15 Level 1

              thank you very much for your advise:) i'll read through the link.

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                lrandolph15 Level 1

                we're going to play it through the laptop and connect it to the projector. thanks for the tip.