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    PDF video won't play in Reader X


      Hi and thanks for any help.


      I'm trying to view embedded videos w/in a PDF file.  The little hand appears, I click, then I receive the red "X" box that states:


      "Warning:  JavaScript Window -


      Acrobat has encountered and error while playing this media clip:"


      That's it.  Only option is to hit "OK" - which, of course, is NOT OK.  The colon after the word 'clip' implies there's a reason for the error but is terribly ineffective at letting me know which one...


      I uninstalled all the adobe stuff I could, then reinstalled it all: Reader X, Air, Flash Player 10 Active X, Flash Player 10 Plugin.


      I'm using a machine w/ Windows XP SP3, 2GB RAM, normal stuff although a bit out of date, I know.


      I know the embedded videos work because they work on my laptop, another XP machine, and not as good as the desktop(relatively speaking, of course.)


      Please help



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          kaledog Level 1

          Forgot to mention:


          - I did accept the option to "allowed/trusted this conent always" in Reader

          - I did check the "Allowed multimedia operations" w/in the Multimedia Trust (legacy) tab

          - I have tried all four media players available under Multimedia (legacy) tab


          thanks again