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    Generating 508 compliant output for access via SharePoint


      In order to make our WebHelp application accessible via a Sharepoint folder, our team lead was able to move all output files (from the ISSL/WebHelp folder) to a single folder then move the files from the resource, whdata, whgdata and whxdata folders to the same [new] location so that all files associated with the RoboHelp WebHelp project are in the same area.  Next, he edited the whproj.xml file and changed the datapath from "whxdata" to " " (null). This works fine for primary layout output that isn't 508 compliant, so I duplicated the same steps after generating 508 compliant output to see if I'd get the same results.  After moving all files to a single folder and uploading to a test server (not Sharepoint), the table of contents page [frame] "can't be found".  I know that the toc tag in the whtoc.xml file has a root attribute that points to "whtdata0.xml".  This file is in the same folder as everything else.  So why does it not show the TOC?




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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Perhaps the best way to answer this is to ask what your response would be if your support people came along to you saying a customer didn't like the structure of the folders in your application so they had rearranged them and now it would no longer work, what should they do?


          Perhaps best not to post the reply here.


          The folders and files that RoboHelp generates have many inter-dependencies and it could be some are in files you cannot edit. Who knows? It is not something Adobe would document and I have not seen anyone post anything that would help you.


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