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    Line debugging: breakpoints ignored in CFCs

    CFsolar Level 1

      My line debugging works just fine if breakpoints are set in a .cfm, but breakpoints set in a CFC are completely ignored - i.e. CF Builder will not stop at even the most mundane points (like initially setting values used in the cfc).


      My setup:

      • Windows XP, SP3
      • CF9 (9.01)
      • CF Builder (with update) (installed as standalone)
      • Apache 2.2.17
      • Java version 1.6.0_23-b05
      • project cfm files in one directory under htdocs
      • all components in another directory under htdocs
      • some components written entirely in cfscript, others using tags  (result is the same in either case)


      I've tried adding the "components" folder as an "Additional Source" in the properties for the main project, but CFBuilder won't retain that addition.  I've tried including (checking the box) and not including the components "project" in the [main project] -> properties -> project references window.  And the breakpoints are all listed in the Breakpoint "tab" of the debugging perspective and the boxes are checked.


      All to no effect.   Any assistance greatly appreciated.