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    Any reasons SWFs will not load into an application?

    learner_doug Level 1

      I've loaded thousands of swfs before into applications/components, but now I have an application (component) that won't load a swf - no matter where I put it, not matter how I load it (I've tried using a static <mx:SWFLoader source="test.swf" />  with the test.swf in the same directory as the component).  I've also tried  with a combination of the SWFLoader control with ActionScript and I tried loading it using all ActionScript (var loadTheSWF:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader() method).


      I even wrote a test application to load the test.swf - that loads fine.


      This particular component is very busy, I'm wondering if I've just "maxed out" the components ability to do more?  Or confused it somehow with namespaces and import statement.  At a loss here.


      Any insights welcomed.