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    Movieclips aware of what frame they are on that can open another movieclip to the same frame


      I was having trouble even knowing quite what to search for so I figured asking a question in a forum would be the best way to go.


      Currently I am making an application where I have multiple movieclips of equal duration on multiple frames. For example, movieclip_1 is on frame 1 and is 40 frames long. There is currently a scrub bar that scrubs through the 40 frames of movieclip_1. On frame 1 of the Scene there are also buttons with the actions to gotoAndStop on frame 2, frame 3, and frame 4. Frame 2 contains movieclip_2, frame 3 contains movieclip_3, and so on. The functionality of this is that it shows medical conditions progressing from different angles and when a button is clicked the display shows a close up of just that one angle. As expected, without any actions on the movieclips navigating from one frame to the next brings up the proper new movieclip but they always begin at frame 1. What I would like to be able to do is somehow have my movieclips know what frame they are on so when a button is clicked the application would go to that frame and open that movie clip to the same frame as the previous one that was just navigated from.


      If anyone has any insight as to how this might be accomplished I would be most appreciative.