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    Welcome to Adobe Employees From the Forum

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      In case you have not noticed, we have several Adobe Employees posting to this forum. Their presence is greatly appreciated, and I hope that everyone extends a very warm welcome to them, and says "Thanks" for their participation.


      While not unheard of here, the Adobe presence has been a bit sparse, and often only noticed, just before an update.


      We are fortunate to have these folk contributing to the posts here, as they have insight that most of us mere users will not likely have. We can all learn something useful from them.


      Welcome, and thank you for the contributions!



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          Stavros F. Level 1

          Bill Hunt has a great point here! A big welcome to all of them from me as well!

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            A. T. Frisco

            I am very new to this Adobe Forum, so I was not aware that when someone with a screen name of “PRE_help” posted on my problem that it was somewhat out of the ordinary. But, I do very much appreciate the help that I got. PRE_help was very patient with my stumbling attempts at implementing their suggestions. It took a few back-and-forths, but their help finally did resolve my problem of a lost Workspace and computer lock-up.


            Sincere THANKS to the Adobe folks and all the others who help us newbies.


            A.T. Frisco

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Historically, there has not been much of an Adobe presence here. Usually, an employee would show up, when a survey or fact gathering was needed, and then they'd go back to their jobs in engineering, or wherever. Nice to have them, but the stops were too brief, and far between.


              Lately, there have been several folk with the "Employee" badge on their Profile, and their presence has been greatly appreciated. There are a few more contributors, who I suspect are employees, and would urge them to add that "Employee" badge too.


              From my perspective it accomplishes two things: it shows users here that Adobe is committed to supporting the product through the forum, and second, it lets a poster know that the person replying probably has a better understanding of the program, than someone like me will have.


              We are fortunate to have our new contributors, and I urge folk to not abuse them. That happened about CS3 in the PrPro forum, where posters were demanding dates of release for updates, details of what Adobe was working on, and then bashing those employees, when they were not happy with something. We lost two respected employees from that forum, as they just got tired of getting bashed, for trying to help.


              Now that forum has a couple of employees, who are assigned to monitor the forum, as part of their job descriptions - before, the employees came to the forum on their own, and on their own time from home! They gave up dinner with their families, just because they wanted to help out.


              I do not know the situation here and now, but want to extend that welcome to all, and give them a big thank you.


              There is so very much that we users do not, and probably cannot know, so the replies from Adobe are greatly appreciated.


              Glad that they were able to help, and hope that their contributions will continue and feel that all users will benefit from their input.



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                P_Forrest Level 1

                Well said, Hunt.


                Hats off to the new contributors.