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    Help with Canon AVCHD export


      I am new to Premiere CS5 and have been working with footage from a Canon Vixia HF-11 camcorder.     The video is recorded as 1920x1080 60i, 24Mbps. (Canons MXP setting)


      I am able to edit the content with no problem however I cannot seem to export the edited video with quality that matches the original content.


      I have tried numerous Bluray-h.264 export settings and all of the exported footage is very noticeably degraded in quality.  


      Does anyone have recommendations for exporting the footage in H.264, Bluray-H.264 or MPEG that will match the original video quality that the camera recorded?   How can I get the highest possible quality output?


      I have spent days trying different project settings, export formats,  bit rates,  etc... and always end up with 1080 HD content that is degraded in quality (motion blur,  compression degredation, etc...).


      One thing that I did notice,   for example,  the input file I am working with (as a test) is 480MB in size,  after exporting the file size is much smaller (less than half the size and more highly compressed).


      Can anyone recommed export settings to retain the original video quality?