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    URL Loader / HTTPService using ASPX calls


      I would like to know if someone could help me or point me in the right direction … here is a test site and source view (https://studentdb.projectcadd.org/test.html) of what I am trying to do (all I want is a guarantee that the XML generated from ASPX will go to the correct dropdown 100% of the time.


      As you will see on this test site, the ASPX will go to whatever dropdown it wants, but those read from stactic XML files read correctly into the proper dropdown.


      The first set of 3 are read from SQL thru ASPX files using URLLoader, and the next 3 are read from static XML files, using URLLoader, the final 3 are using HTTPService  calls … the single dropdown above the final 3 is reading an XML file also. The URLLoaders reading XML are 100%, the others may come up correctly the 1st time, but if I refresh or recall the page the setup is not correct!! I am using a random number in the querystring but that doesn’t work either – handle any cashe problems!!! (all sets should have the same pattern in them – 1st classnumber, then course numbers, then paygrades).


      thanks, rehoover