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    I installed Reader (in English) and it prints in a different language


      I installed Reader [01/03/2010,in English] and it prints in a different language/garble.


      I received a hospital appointment email with an attachment confirming my next day's appointment.

      The attachment confirms place and time with a barcode to be scanned upon arrival at the hospital's kiosk.

      So far all is good but, when I print the attachment it looks similar in format but is garbled.

      It does not appear to be a translation to a foreign language but rather a series of random letters and symbols.



      Time:      prints out as; Ujn f ;       Provider:prints out as: Qspwjef s ; Location: prints out as: Mpdbyjo

      09:00AM   "     "   ;    1: ; 11BN      Not only are the letters garbled but they are merged


      I don't know what's wrong or how to fix it. My question is "What I Gotta Do?" HELP!