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    Out of memory Problem

      Hello everyone !

      I've developped a Brain Training application for Japan with the french version of Director MX 2004.
      To display Japanese texts, I have used embedded Flash movies which contains a Japanese font.

      This program is on the market for a few weeks now, and some users have experienced a "memory shortage" problem : When the application starts, they get a director player error message saying something like "out of memory" in Japanese.
      Click Here for the exact message.

      This has got to be linked with loading into memory many Flash movies, because I have never had this kind of message in my many other applications which do not use Flash movies to display texts.

      This error has not appeared in the testing process on many computers in Japan and France, and now that the product is out, I need to find a solution
      These users have decent computers : Windows XP SP2, 1.6 Ghz processor, 512Mb RAM, plenty free memory and even more virtual memory available.
      This error is not due to a lack of available memory on the system : I have checked the memory usage and there is lots of free memory.

      I have found a function called getError() to check if an error occured while loading the Flash member into memory, but it is not clear what is the reason of such a memory error, and it doesn't say what happens if this error is not intercepted with this function : Does a message pops up ?

      Did somebody ever saw this error message ?
      Anybody knows the reason of such an error ?

      Also, could somebody explain this getError function more precisely ?

      I would really appeciate any help with this issue !!
      Thank you,