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    External Function Files

    SpaghettiCoder Level 3

      Right now I have every function except for public functions as a external .as file.  Is this plain crazy?


      Are there any advantages / disadvantages in doing it like this?

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          What is your rationale for doing so? I think the MVC (model-view-controller) paradigm is most popular in terms of architecture, and I've heard Mate and PureMVC are simpler than others.


          In general, I would think methods would be with the components that own them. The only other reason I would externalize them is because they are similar in some way, utility functions, etc.


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            SpaghettiCoder Level 3

            It's become a habit now, was just wondering...




            When I get error/problem with the files separated I can easily tell where it's coming from with a quick glance.


            resource : what functionName

            path : what component is giving off the error


            When the functions are all in one, then error/problem is very generic and hard to tell what function is giving off the error and what component is triggering it...


            resource : fileName.mxml

            path : /folderName/src