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    authorize an e-reader issue


      Hello All


      I am have an issue with adobe digital additions on one of my computers. When ever i try to authorize an e-reader, I've tried two different e-readers with two different accounts, I get an error message saying it could not authorize it and to please try again later with the error code "E_AUTH_USERID_INUSE" with the link 'http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/addsignindirect" when I click onto hat link it opens an application that give me another error message and code that are as follows "Error getting license server communication problem E_ADEPT_HTTP_GET_NOT_SUPPORTED"

      I have been able to log into sever accounts and authorize them with different e-readers in the past but I have been getting the error for the past few days.

      Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks



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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Most likely you have anonymously activated ADE.  Then when you are trying to authorize a reader it first asks you to Authorize ADE, which converts from an anoymous to a 'named' activation, by adding the AdobeID information to the existing anoymous account.  This cannot be done with an AdobeID that is already being used for ebooks.


          While you can delete the anonymous activation, and reactivate with the new AdobeID, when you are using this in a kiosk like situation (ie public library helping patrons) this will:

          1.) render all content previously licensed to the previous anonymous activation unreadable.

          2.) Use up one activation on the AdobeID being used.

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            midlandlibrary Level 1

            Hello Jim


            I'd like to thank you for your help. I have looked into that a little more and apparently my device is authorized with my account it is the computer that is having problems authorizing. one of the accounts I tried authorizing it with was a brand new account that has never been used. do you have any suggestions on why that would be and how I could fix that?


            I was also wondering how many times can an account can be used to authorize a computer and or an e-reader?

            Also what do you / does adobe suggest for public terminals for patrents?


            Thanks again - Andrew

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              midlandlibrary Level 1

              Awesome, I managed to find out how to unauthorized my computer from the anonymous account, ctrl + Shift + D, for anyone who has the same problem.

              But unfortunately I am now getting an E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS error. Seeing how this is a new error I will close this thread and try to research how to fix this.


              Thanks for your help.