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    CFID/CFTOKEN in URL Not Used

    dbldutch21 Level 1

      Hi, What I have is a website that uses a shared ssl site. Here is what happens


      1. They are at the main site.: http://www.mysite.com/
      2. They add a couple items to their cart
      3. They enter the secure site to checkout: https://securesite.com/mysite/?cfid=1234&cftoken=5678
      4. I check to see if they have items in their cart, if they don't, I kick them out of checkout
      5. Sometimes this works just find and the session is recognized and I can see the items.
      6. Other times it kicks back out and the session isn't recognized.
      7. When I examine the cookies I can see that the secure site wrote its own cfid and cftoken values and is not using the ones passed through the URL.
      8. If I delete those cookies and try again it works great


      Is there a reason its not using the URL values, is there a way to force it to use the ones I pass in? Please let me know if there is a setting or something I should do.


      First noticed this in Firefox and its also recently gone from CF8 to CF9.