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    New install on SSD problem (image very blurryor shaky) ?




      so I've got a new SSD and make a new system install on it, windows 7 pro 64bit.


      I make a new project and a video as usual (before I get my SSD drive), and if I push the play button I get a very "shaky" image (please see picture, very difficult to explain... and to search in the forum)


      If I resume and go forward frame by frame (using arrow) the image is "shaky" (left part of the picture) and then get normal after a second (right part of the picture) maybe.


      Note : It's two different screen capture like a before /after.



      Test I've allready made, it may helped ?


      I get the new project, and restart my computer with my old system = > same problem


      Then I create a new project (called 2) on the old systeme and add the video => No problem


      Then reboot on the new system and open project 2 => same problem


      If I open video with VLC => no problem


      I have allready resinstall Premiere pro.


      (When I first installed I get an issue with quicktime which make a very very long opening of premier so I reinstalled quicktime also)



      Thanks for reading and if you could help .



      My system is :

      Core i7 920

      12 GB RAM

      Asus P6T

      Nvidia GTX275

      OCZ Vertex 2 as system drive (and premiere drive)

      1TB HDD 7200rpm for project drive

      WD velociraptor for cache drive. (old system HDD, still running)

      Software :

      Premiere pro CS5

      Quicktime 7.6.9

      Windows 7 pro 64 bits


      My camera is a Sanyo Xacti HD1010, shot is taken at 720p 30fps.


      Media info give this :

      Profil du format                    : Base Media / Version 2
      Identifiant du codec             : mp42
      Taille du fichier                   : 469 Mio
      Durée                                 : 7mn 10s
      Débit global moyen              : 9 145 Kbps
      Nom du film/Plus                 : SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA HD1010
      Date d'encodage                  : UTC 2010-12-29 16:30:28
      Date de marquage               : UTC 2010-12-29 16:30:28
      Origin                                 : Digital Camera
      TAGS                                 : O DIGITAL CAMERA


      ID                                       : 1
      Format                                : AVC
      Format/Info                          : Advanced Video Codec
      Profil du format                     : Baseline@L3.1
      Paramètres du format, CABAC      : Non
      Paramètres du format, RefFrames  : 2 images
      Identifiant du codec                        : avc1
      Identifiant du codec/Info                  : Advanced Video Coding
      Durée                                           : 7mn 10s
      Type de débit                                : Variable
      Débit                                           : 9 009 Kbps
      Largeur                                         : 1 280 pixels
      Hauteur                                         : 720 pixels
      Format à l'écran                           : 16/9
      Type d'images/s                  : Constant
      Images par seconde               : 29,970 Im/s
      Espace de couleurs               : YUV
      Sous-échantillonnage de la chrom : 4:2:0
      Profondeur des couleurs          : 8 bits
      Type d'image                     : Progressif
      Bits/(Pixel*Image)               : 0.326
      Taille du flux                   : 462 Mio (99%)
      Langue                           : Anglais
      Date d'encodage                  : UTC 2010-12-29 16:30:28
      Date de marquage                 : UTC 2010-12-29 16:30:28