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    Accessing Inner components from the outer component


      I have built a really nice component which references several instances of another custom component I have written.  Each of my nested components makes a call to the outerdocument to trigger a handler function.  From that handler function I want to get the current values for all of my custom components and make a server side call.  But I am having trouble accessing them.  How do I access an inner component from the outerdocument.  For reference, here is a sample of what I am working on:

      <mx:DataGridColumn  editable="false" dataField="field1" wordWrap="true"  sortable="false" id="field1">
      <components:DataGridColumnFilterTextInput  text="filter1" width="100%" fontWeight="bold" 
      height="100%" editable="true" change="outerDocument.filterChangeHandler(event)"/>


      here is the outer change handler as of this moment:

           public function filterChangeHandler(event:Event):void
                var str:String=(this.innerDocument[0] as DataGridColumnFilterTextInput).text; // this obviously does not work