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    Accessing Doc Info in "Info Panel"

    thebestcpu Level 1

      Is there a programatic (script or actions) way to access the Document Info displayed in the Info Panel.

      In particular, I need to access:

      1) The two document memory size numbers which I believe are a) memory consumed if flattened  b) Memory consumed with layers intact

      2) The two scratch memory size numbers which I belivee are a) presently used - sum of scratch in memory and scratch in disk for all documents  b) max memory allocated by Photoshop


      Accessing the other document info such as efficiency, document dimensions, time for last operation would also be nice yet not as necessary.


      This would be desired information for some automated PS performance collection scripts/actions. 

      I am running Mac OS and can already access the total memory footprint of PS from the system yet not the details that show up in the Info Panel.


      Thanks in advance for any help.