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    Too Many Activations


      Case #0181978780


      I've had technical difficulties with my reader and had to reset it and now I'm getting this message when I try to activate it.


      E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 1172:172:6172 urn:uuid:970efc8a-78f7-4bc0-a745-778b298b71e2
      Brow ser: Other
      Operating System: Windows XP

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          jportillo90 Level 1

          how long does it usually take them to respond?

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            I have exact the same problem, mailed adobe yesteray but still no answer too....

            If you have the answer, will you please put it here? I will do the same.

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              Jim Lester Level 4

              Well in your case (jportillo90) they have already fixed your problem and are waiting on your response to close it.

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                Vachtkonijn Level 1

                Hi Jim,

                Thanks for your reaction, but the problem isn't solved

                Still the same problem and I have no solution yet.


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                  Hi.  I am a librarian at a public library.  We use your product to demonstrate to our patrons and to provide tech support for ereader devices.  In order to assist our patrons, we must activate and deactivate our (and their) accounts.


                  Is there a way to have additional activations or to gain back the deactivations so we are better able to assist our patrons?  (Institutional policy?)


                  As professional searchers, our team had a difficult time navigating the help pages and were not able to submit a web case.  We do promote your products with our library e-book services and would like a better way to service our patrons.


                  I appreciate your response.

                  Thanks much!

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                    Jim Lester Level 4

                    Unfortunately no, this level of institutional use is not supported.

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                      I too am getting this same error message.  The books download to my computer fine but it won't let me authorize my new Nook.

                      The Nook support people told me to delete the Digital Editions files from my Nook device and re-authorize it, however, after several times

                      trying to do this, now I get the error message that I have too many activations.  When I try to click and drag the books from my DE library,

                      it says I don't have permission to copy.  After speaking with 2 and receiving emails from another Nook support person, I have not been able to

                      resolve this issue and decided to try and contact Adobe directly.  Thanks for your time.

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                        Jim Lester Level 4

                        january123, to get this resolved you should do as the OP did, and submit a web support case (go to http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions and click on 'Submit a web case.')

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                          claireritz Level 1



                          Unfortunately, we've been unable to submit a web case.  When you click on the link to submit a web case, you're taken the the following page:

                          https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/support/index.cfm?event=portal&loc=en_us.  You need to choose an issue type - We selected "Problems with other Free Adobe Software."  We were then given the option to either go back to the Support page or purchase paid phone support.  The site also indicates that in order to submit a web case, you need to register your software with a serial number - which is unavailable for free Adobe Digital Editions software.  We keep going around in circles on the web site. Can you be more specific about how to submit a web case?




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                            Jim Lester Level 4

                            Under 'Get Support', in the 'Techinical Support' tab

                              For "Choose issue type" select "Using a product or service"

                              For  "Choose product", first select "Additional Products"

                                  Then select "Adobe Digital Editions"

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                              january123 Level 1

                              Thanks for your time, Jim.  I have submitted a web case and it says I will have a reply within 3 days.  The Nook support people emailed me today also and told me to ask Adobe to reset my activations - the same thing other people have been reporting.  I wonder if this will completely correct the problem or can I look forward to continuing problems like this?  Again, I thank you for your time.

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                                I submitted a webcase last night about this same problem.   I was surprised when I got a note this morning that it was taken care of.   It now works.   Thank you Adobe Techs!!!

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                                  january123 Level 1

                                  I had a reply today from support and just got finished re-authorizing my Nook.  I now have a new library book on it and it seems to be working fine.  I really appreciate the prompt replies I received.


                                  I did not try to download the library books I had previously downloaded onto my computer just in case it might hang it up again.  Any ideas?  I have 4 books in my Digital Editions library that were all downloaded while I was having trouble loading them onto my Nook.  Shall I just start all over and delete those earlier books?   Thanks again for your time!

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                                    claireritz Level 1

                                    January123 -


                                    So glad to hear it's now working for you.  One of the patrons at our library experienced the same problem as you.  He was able to reload the ebooks that he checked out prior to reregistering his Nook. However, if you're concerned about the other books not working, one option might be to return the items early.  You should be able to click on the little arrow next to the ebook in Adobe Digital Editions and select Return Item.  If there are not any holds on the ebooks, you should be able to check them out and download them again.  Hope this helps.

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                                      mjordanwy99 Level 1

                                      I usually return my books early after reading them.  I have never

                                      returned them early, then checked them out again.  Thank you for the tip.


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                                        Amy Boardman Hunt

                                        I hope Adobe is able to help me with this as well. I've been reading library books on my nook for several weeks (after an extremely painful period of getting it up and running in the first place), now, all of a sudden, it won't let me transfer library books to my nook. No error message, and I've not been told I have "too many activations" but Barnes & Noble "customer support" (with giant quote marks and all the sarcasm one can muster) told me I needed to get a new Adobe ID because I may have had too many books for my Adobe license. Which seems hard to believe since I've only had it a month. I submitted a case with Adobe, so hopefully they'll be able to resolve it. Meanwhile, the new Dennis Lehane book goes unread...