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    Premiere Elements 9 crashes on startup - Mac



      I just bought and downloaded Premiere Elements 9 for Mac. The initial install hung up, so I had to force quit it. Hmm. Restarted the process and it seemed to install just fine. But on launch it crashes (unexpected quit) while the initial splash is still up - I don't know if it even finishes loading actually because it crashes instantly. I uninstalled and re-installed to no avail. I find this odd because I ran a trial of Premiere Pro CS5 with no problems at all yesterday. But there must be some sort of conflict, although as I said the CS5 trial version ran perfectly.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          One thought, do you have a bunch of VST's for Audio editing programs?


          They can cause issues, and this ARTICLE will give you some background, and tips.


          Those might not figure into the mix, and if so, we can just rule them out.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Also, did your trial of CS5 install Bridge on your computer? There is a known conflict with Bridge during installation.

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              A-ha, yes that could be it exactly. I did notice that it was stopping to load at the same place and it was indeed on a VST for Amplitube. I could unistall that particular program anyway since I don't use it but I know further down the line it may run into more programs that use VSTs because I do audio editing. My program (ProTools) actually uses RTAS rather than VST, but some plugins do run as stand-alones too.


              Can I create the 'blacklist' on a Mac or is that a Windows thing?

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                I would have had Bridge on there from my CS4 Photoshop in any case whether PrPro put on a CS5 version or not. I'm thinking Bill may have it with the VST plugin because that is that last thing I see on the splash before it goes kaput.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Unfortunately, I cannot answer the question about a "blacklist." Going back some years, and some versions of PrPro, one contributor, Eddie Lotter, was working on a blacklist creator, but hit a big snag with Vista. He had to drop that project, and not too long afterwards, PrPro introduced such a feature, that automatically logged VST's to a blacklist. One DID have to re-boot several times (1 for each problem VST), but once done, all problem VST's were cataloged and PrPro would no longer attempt to load those. Note: this is with PrPro, and I have heard of nothing in PrE, that is similar.


                  On the PC, one little trick is to move the problem VST's to the Desktop folder. On a PC, this is a special folder, that basically holds the shortcuts that appear on one's Desktop, but it has some other properties - PrE really cannot use it, and will not look there for anything at the time of loading. I am not sure if such a "protected" folder exists for the Mac.


                  Some users have gathered up their VST's (remember, many DO work fine in PrE, and some will load nicely, but just not be used), and place them is a separate folder, kind of far from where PrE might go looking for them, then in ProTools, etc., will point those programs to that folder. This "hides" the VST's from PrE, and seems to work fine with DAW programs.


                  Wish I had a sure-fire solution for you, but do not. I will try to get some more info, and if successful, will update this post. In the meantime, I would try to "hide" those VST's from PrE, so that it does not choke on launch.


                  Good luck, and let us know how that works,



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                    The conflict with Bridge, and PrE 9, is something that I have zero experience with. I did not hear of that, until very recently. IIRC, Steve was the person to bring it to my attention.


                    As I have and use PS, PrPro, AE, Illustrator, InDesign, etc., on all my machines, and use Bridge in all of them, this potential for a conflict stopped me from upgrading to PrE 9, at least for now. Also, I use PrE mostly for a just a few things, and then to test for this forum, I cannot afford to clean out my "go-to" programs, just to update.


                    I wish that I had more info on the PrE - Bridge conflict, but just do not.


                    Good luck,



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                      nealeh Level 5

                      I believe the Adobe Bridge problem was only related to the initial install. If Bridge was running in background it prevents the PRE installer from writing shared components. Closing Bridge before PRE installation allowed the installation to finish. After that Bridge and PRE co-existed fine.


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                        That is great news. Yes, unless it's been changed, Bridge DOES load at boot, but can be turned OFF, so that it is only launched manually. I keep mine setup that way, so maybe I'd be "good-to-go." Thank you for that info. That is not such a bad thing after all.





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                          ggroy Level 1

                          Bill (and everyone helping, thanks),


                          It was indeed that singular VST file. Had a hard time finding it though, it was in the main library folder under audio and then vst folder. Just moved it out and Premiere started no problem.


                          Now my only issue is hmm, do I have to keep moving that file in and out every time I want to use one or another program?  That would be a bit of a bother. But for now at least this part of the case is closed.


                          Many thanks,


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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            I have asked for a bit of clarification from Adobe, regarding VST's in PrE, for both the PC, and for the Mac. When I hear back, I will share what they have to say.


                            Was that one of the ProTools' VST's? IIRC, ProTools allows one to point to supplementary locations for VST's. Being on the PC, I do not have the program, so cannot check, and just have to go from memory. I also do not know if there is a "secure folder," like the Desktop on a PC, where you could "hide" it, but point ProTools (or other DAW program) to it. Maybe some other user, who is more Mac-fluent, than I am, can help? I agree that moving the VST around is certainly anything BUT ideal, and there must be some way around that. We just need to find out what that method is.


                            Good luck, and thank you for reporting your success - at least partial success,




                            PS - more to come - I hope