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    10min video took 7hours to render.Why??


      I have a sony vaio i7 6gig of ram, 5400rpm hdd, nvidia geforce with cuda video card. I can run all the adobe programs all together and not even a hickup, but i went to render my first video last night, source video was from kodak zi8 vc, 1080p 60fps, i rendered to match settings....it took 7 hours!!!!!!!!! what the heck.....what am i doing wrong? file size was 2.1gig in the end. any help on settings i can use to render in good quality, some people say it should take 20min...7 hours is crazy..

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          To see if something is wrong, run the PPBM5 Benchmark


          Follow the instructions to the letter and send the results as instructed and send them to me as well by PM.


          However, 10 minutes timeline rendering in 420 minutes does not seem unreasonable for a Sony Vaio and a 5400 disk.


          If your system is say 50 times slower than a fast system, then the fast system would take around 8 minutes rendering time, better than RT. Even if your system is only 21 times slower than a fast system, the fast system would require 20 minutes, which appears acceptable to you.