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    Embedded swf in director on touch screen - double tap required


      There is a known problem with swf's with nested mc's embedded in a director projector when used on a touchscreen (with dragmode enabled)

      I've found many threads referring to the problem (here's some), but none of the solutions suit my particular situation.


      http://www.directorforum.de/threads/52818-Mouse-events-for-Flash-Object-in-Director-on-tou chscreen


      Basically, the problem is that flash requires a mouseRollOver event to give the focus to the mc, before it registers an onPress. With a touchscreen, where the cursor is disabled, the first click and release on the swf (or nested mc's) reads as an onRollOver event, and the user must click again to register an onPress and onRelease. This leads to very confusing behaviours in my application where I have dots (embedded mc's)  being created when an image is touched, then the dots can be clicked and dragged, or double tapped to be removed.

      All works fine when the mouse and cursor is used, but I can't get it to work using a single tap on the touchscreen. In some cases I can get away with using onRollOver but when used with startDrag I can't think of a way of stopping the drag when the user lifts their finger. (which doesn't register as an event)


      What I need is an AS2 script that forces a click event (onPress) when the user taps the button once. Unfortunately I only know AS2 so can't use mouseEvents from AS3. I've spent days on this (after I thought I'd got all the bugs out) and have run out of ideas. Any suggestions appreciated please