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    How can I move (slide) a clip in the timeline (with ripple)

    geobrick Level 1

      I can't find a method to move (maybe slide is a better word) a clip and have everything to the right ripple an equal amount.


      Example: I want to drag an audio clip 2 seconds to the right and I want the rest of the audio clips to the right move 2 seconds as well.  Sort of like a ripple edit but actually moving the whole clip.


      The closest method I can find is the insert clip method (pressing control while sliding) but that moves everything to the right by the length of the clip being moved not by the amount the clip was moved (it behaves as if you were inserting the clip into the timeline for the first time). For example, if I move a 5 second clip by 2 seconds, the clips to the right all move 5 seconds to the right not the 2 seconds desired.


      Is there a technique I'm missing?.